Visual Merchandising: Popup vs Craft Show

Visual Merchandising: Popup vs Craft Show

Over the years of producing popup shops one thing we consistently have to educate new sellers on is the difference in visual merchandising strategies for a retail popup shop.

(multiple brands co-displayed on jewelry bar)

Most designers & artisans are used to creating a unique 10×10 retail space customized to fit their brand.  In a craft show booth, it’s all about you and your brand engaging with potential customers. Designing a retail gift shop is different. The focus must be on creating a unique environment that customers want to linger in and an enjoyable experience that they’ll want to repeat.

To make this happen means that with a popup, it’s more about the store than any one individual brand.  Take Macy’s as an example. It’s more about the Macy’s customer experience brand than just INC or Michael Kors or MAC.

(multiple brands co-displayed on shelving)

Another notable difference is the arrangement of merchandise based on what’s convenient for the customer.  As indie designers we LOVE to create our own little worlds to communicate our brand ideals to potential customers.  Within a retail setting – especially a small one – you have too be really creative to do this within a limited amount of space. There may not be individual spaces like in a traditional craft market. Our goal is to design and merchandise the store to present to customers a unified, integrated shopping experience where everything is easy to find.

For the M3 Team, we allocate space based on the type of products we’ll be selling and the best way to merchandise that type of product within the allocated space.

Each popup we’ve is different and the final design will be based on the products we have to sell. Most likely you will not be able to display all of your products at one time so be prepared to have some things in back stock by bringing your items in crates or bins.

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