September 30th Pop-Up Shop at Co-Motion

September 30th Pop-Up Shop at Co-Motion

Seasonal Crosstown Markets feature a rotating line-up of handmade, LOCAL, art and craft vendors! Check out our September line-up:

Co-Motion Studio
(Memphis) Community in Motion, your one-stop-shop for all things hula hooping in Memphis. Co-Motion Studio shares a multitude of movement styles & creative pursuits to inspire the community.

Crochet and knit accessories for men, women, children, and the home.

Estes Design
A mix of copper, leather, and beaded jewelry from new, used, and repurposed materials.

Mandala Makers Club
Sharing a love of mandala making with Memphis, offering an all-inclusive art club to co-create, celebrate, & explore the sacred & universal mandala. Original mandala art & prints for sale to support costs of club materials & activities.

Normal Things
Handmade vegan soaps made with normal things that can be found in a kitchen; olive oil, coconut oil, steel Oats, rosemary, & paprika for example. The soaps are scented with 100% essentials oils. Each soap is handmade & unique in appearance.

Paper, Cloth & Glass
Original pieces using either paper, cloth, or glass. Works include acrylic paintings, hand drawn greeting cards, beverage sleeves, embroidery, tile coasters and recycled stained glass art.

Pet accessories, dog & cat bandanas, cat toys, shed control tees & fleece shirts.

Sundry Blossoms Studio
Leather petals and leaves colorfully arranged to make earrings, wallets, hand-bound blank books, and gifts.

Lamps and lighting are made from painted paper, cast concrete and resin.

Zoey Beads Work
Hand made beaded necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

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