A Very Creative 2018

A Very Creative 2018

‘Tis true that time waits for no one but keeps moving right along.  Just as soon as I remember to write 2017 on my checks it’s now time to write 2018.

January is traditionally a month of rest, review of the past year, and planning for the new year.  We’re all recuperating from the frantic pace of the past month’s collective popup shop and giving some thought to what we’d like to accomplish with our own individual brands this year.

Since 2010, we’ve produced Christmas/Holiday markets but for most years have been relatively silent for the rest of the year.  We want to change that in 2018. Yep, we’ve got BIG plans!

Tell More Stories

Our new site is designed to function more like a blog capturing the goings on in the Midsouth creative business community.  If you are an Artisan or Maker we would love to feature you, just email us.

Permanent Retail Spot

While we love the hurried, frantic, crazy pace of a popup shop – we really want to put down some roots.  A city as large as ours NEEDS a retail presence dedicated to locally-focused goods and one that will give the artisans, designers, and makers agreeable terms to help them build sustainable businesses.


Over the years we’ve seen some local indie brands come and unfortunately go. We want to provide education to help local makers on the business side so that the wonderful products they create remain viable long-term.

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xoxo – The M3 Team

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