Market901 Online Marketplace

Market901 Online Marketplace

Everyone is feeling the impact of our Spring, Summer, and now Fall shows being cancelled. Here at M3, we’ve been talking about going online for years but never invested the time to do it. NOW is the time. Online sales will most likely be the biggest since the internet began and we need to get ready to participate in it.

Yes, we all have our own online stores and we should continue to drive traffic to them. But the marketplace concept is one that many customers like for the wide assortment of brands and products they offer. In fact most of the brands that sell on Amazon also have their own online stores and many also sell thru retail stores. Multi-channel selling is the name of the game for brands today looking to reach the more customers and grow sales.

Our plan is to launch an online marketplace where out local customers can shop all of the great Midsouth independent brands that they are used to buying from at the regional markets and shows we attend.

We’ve built the online store already. Now wer’e figuring out the fulfillment part to make it safe, easy, and convenient for everyone.

If you would be interested in selling thru this sales channel, let us know via email. As soon as we get all the details finalized we’ll reach out to you.

Thanks & hang in there!
The M3 Team