Mission Statement & Goals

Our mission is to support the creation of new and support existing consumer product-based small businesses by providing exposure, education, and opportunity.  The core of our business will be online and brick & mortar retail stores.

Our goals are:

  • To provide a physical store where consumer brands can sell their goods to the public and allow us to support our online store operations
  • To promote the economic opportunities available in the consumer product brands industry through education
  • To provide the Midsouth community with a fun, family-friendly, shopping experience

Our Values 

Modern Made Memphis is committed to:

  • Being Responsible….we will operate in a manner worthy of the small businesses and customers who rely on us
  • Be Informative….we will educate our customers on the benefits of buying from small businesses
  • Being a Family-Friendly Store….we will only sell merchandise that we deem appropriate for a family-friendly shopping experience

Our Keys to Success

  1. Providing an innovative multi-channel retail experience – in store & online
  2. Promoting & growing the sales of our local consumer brand small businesses
  3. Incenting the creation of new digital native consumer brands

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